November 27, 2021


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In Rwanda started the initiative to help residents to get food resilience and to cope with climate change

YASUWE 8,506 

This initiative aims to help residents to get food resilience and to cope with climate change; to fight malnutrition, boost the economy and protect the environment launched by Minister of Agriculture Madam Gerardine Mukeshimana in Eastern Province to the community of farmers in Murama Sector, Kabarondo in KayonzaDistrict and Remera in  NgomaDistrict , to plant seeds in place of Murama edible seeds.

The Kayonza Irrigation and Integrated Watershed Management Project (KIIWP), a fruit-growing campaign, aims to help residents of these sectors achieve food resilience, as well as the ability to cope with climate change.

The project will plant four hundred and forty thousand (440,000) trees, including mangoes, avocados, lentils, oranges and ferns which will be planted on an area of about 1150 ha.

In launching of this initiative on 14 October 2021, Minister Mukeshimana urged the people to take good care of these trees which will benefit them.

In her address to the farmers near Murama Dam, the Minister Mukeshimana “remind that this is an opportunity brought to you and intended to develop you, so you will take care of these fruits, and even look for you in the markets when you begin to grow white”. Said Minister Mukeshimana.

The trees were developed by the KIIWP (Kayonza Irrigation and Integrated Watershed Management Project) for irrigation in Kayonza District, which will help with the drought in Kayonza and will work in 8/12 sectors of the district.

In this initiative, the 440,000 trees will be planted during the event, including:  60,000 spruce trees, 60 60,000 pine trees,  100,000 lawyer trees,  6060,000 orange trees,  160 160,000 mango trees,  It will be abandoned by 2,689 families.