Congolese refugees in Rwanda: The eternal headlong rush DRC

In the DRC, the file of Congolese refugees is divided. The highest authorities of the country have speech diametrically opposed to each other. This adds drama to the suffering of the refugees.

When President Tshisekedi signs agreements for the repatriation of Congolese refugees in front of his peers, his minister of communication and government spokesman declares that these refugees are a false pretext for Rwanda.

Before his Minister of Higher Education and University, Muhindo Nzangi repeats “that a true Congolese cannot take refuge in Rwanda”

This cacophony at the top of the state does not bode well for the repatriation operations of refugees scattered in neighboring countries of the DRC.
Because, what is not said enough, what the cause of instability and the proliferation of armed groups is first and foremost the absence of the state.

Add to that the recurrence of corruption and its corollary of embezzlement coupled with impunity.
Not to mention the impoverishment of the population. It is this explosive cocktail that is causing damage in the DRC.
The DRC suffers from its political class.

According to Igihe, the human tragedy that has been playing out in the east of the country since 1992 can only be read from this perspective in order to be contextualized if we want to envisage understanding and lasting solutions.

The most dramatic what the security forces are a source of insecurity in the country. Paradox.

Which political class has indulged in hate speech, which exploits ethnic conflicts. And to establish personal ambitions, everyone got involved, that is to say human rights activists and even the clergy.

These irresponsible behaviors jeopardize all the existing agreements, ie the Luanda roadmap, the Nairobi process, the Bujumbura and Addis Ababa declarations, to name but a few.

Only reversals of the Congolese governments observed during these diplomatic meetings.

The Congolese political class is dominated by the search for basely mercantile interests which prevent reflection on the country’s problems. Preferring to fixate on Rwanda.

This search for a scapegoat is a diversionary maneuver to avoid facing problems.

Refugees could suffer the same fate. That is to say, without much hope.

Rather than analyzing the structural causes, Tshisekedi’s strategy is to worsen the situation and gain time.

Tshisekedi’s power feeds the hostile and fertile rhetoric of manipulation and stigmatization, untruths and propaganda to make the population do what the government wants. The string is too big.

Failing to offer basic social services to the population, Congolese politicians and local leaders take the shortcut of hatred of the other and blow on the coals to designate scapegoats.

With his lackluster record, Tshisekedi took the same shortcut by using proxies in the media and social networks.

And all the diplomatic initiatives fail to get the DRC out of this quagmire for lack of lucid analysis and political will on the part of the Congolese authorities.

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