Environment week ‘Mother Earth Needs Us’

The week dedicated to the environment will focus on environmental protection activities that will be held in New York, it known as “Climate Week NYC”, in Rwanda it will be held in the Environment Center, Karongi district in Western Province from September 19 to 25, 2022.

Climate Week NYC is an environmental week organized by the Climate Group, which is the world’s largest environmental and climate change event. This event follow and participate by different leaders, State and Governments, rich people around the world including Bill Gates who often participates in this event and activists for the environment conservation at the world level.

The target of this week concerns on activities related to the environment conservation around the world. Some of them connect government officials, the youth, others organized by the countries themselves for certain things and all aiming at the same line of conservation and environmental protection.

Director of Green Gicumbi Mr. Jean Marie Vianney Kagenza and Police participated in community activities of planting trees

In Rwanda, this week was given the theme “Mother Earth Needs Us!” organized by the Akeza Talent Ltd in collaboration with the Karongi Nature Museum and other partners. It is to arise voice and to give the opportunity to the champions (Miss) who have environmental conservation projects through technology.

This will be a good opportunity to all the girls who have participated in beauty contests in different periods, both inside and outside the country, winners and non-winners with environmental conservation projects. They will connect with sponsors or those who can invest in their projects in the long term, especially Rwandans living outside of Rwanda (Rwanda Diaspora) in America and elsewhere.

In partnership with Green Gicumbi project, the residents planted trees on the road Kigali Gatuna in Gicumbi district

Some of the activities will be focused in this week, include a visit to the Karongi Nature Center which is open to all for free, community work and planting trees in Karongi district and elsewhere, a visit to the Modern Nduba Engine, the Nzove Dam, to discuss the projects of the champions related to environmental conservation and other activities related to environmental protection.

This week is organized as one of the activities will mark the New York Environment Week “Climate Week NYC”, the activities will also be broadcast on the website of “Climate Week NYC”, those who will participate at the world level will be able to follow the environmental conservation activities that will take place in Rwanda, include conference to discuss and to express the image of the environment, the role of the Champions in the preservation of the environment.

In these activities, the champions will be presented by the Environmental Champion (Miss Earth Rwanda) Josine Ngirinshuti, who will also have the opportunity to highlight her environmental project related to “Food Waste Management.”

Girls and champions need to participate and to present their environmental projects, they can register on the website of Akeza Talent Ltd.

This week will be held in Dallas, Texas, in the United States of America, where the projects of the Champions will be discussed with some of those who will support them.

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