Facts check: Bralirwa announced that not conducted any promotion for its 65th anniversary

The Bralirwa Plc urges everyone not to open the link of survey circulate on social media plat form, because the requirements in this fake link is to complete it and win some awards include money of 1.000.000 Rwfrs on its promotion for its 65th anniversary.

 This false information said that Bralirwa is celebrating the anniversary of 65 years. You can be a winner of one million of Rwandan francs (1.000.000Frws) through the questions.


In communique post on its Twitter, Bralirwa announced to its customers and the general public about this fake news. “This is to inform the general public that Bralirwa Plc is not currently conducting any promotion for its 65th anniversary, please disregard the link being shared on various platforms. Bralirwa Plc will not be responsible for any damage that the misleading information may cause”.



People who claim to be public or private in the context of fraudulent robbery,  is punishable by law in Rwanda and is punishable by LAW Nº 75/2019 OF 29/01/2020 ON PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF MONEY LAUNDERING, FINANCING OF TERRORISM AND FINANCING OF PROLIFERATION OF WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

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