LCTD vows to address stunting in Rubavu District

Light Community Development (LCTD) has committed to address stunting issue in the district of Rubavu by raising awareness on a balanced diet.

The local NGO work under support of different partners include Swiss Empowerment Worldwide, Warm Blanket Organization and Rubavu District, help NGO conducting this program through supporting families get pigs for them, to get domestic fertilizers for their kitchen gardens, trainings, as way of getting improved balanced diet.

Most beneficiaries of this program are women.

Emmerance Mujawamariya is one of the beneficiaries who have received a pig, now says she is able to be get a health insurance (Photo: Koffito)

“When they noticed that we have stunted children, they started training us how kitchen gardens are prepared, hygiene and much about a balanced diet. We have learned a lot to develop ourselves, and now we are able to get Mutuelle de Sante.” Said Mujawamariya

Jeaninne Uwayezu is also another beneficiary who has had no financial capacity, thanks to the program (Photo: Koffito)

“Lack of capacity caused our children get stunted. I used to awake early for causal work and I could not find enough time to care about my children on the daily basis. I was then trained, came together and now my kid gets a balanced diet and I pay Mutuelle de Sante, timely.”


Uwihoreye calls upon other churches leaders to learn from this NGO and Pastor Pascal Uwihoreye how to care about vulnerable families, starting from their followers.

Pastor Pascal Uwihoreye, is a pastor and the founder of Light Community Development (LCTD), has been contributing and running the program (Photo: Koffito)

He launched the program over a lot woman he found at Kigufi health center with children suffering from stunting.

The local NGO work has also ECD which has over 148 children being supported, but there is challenges in caring those kids by founding their milk and food to feed them, bedding kits and building capacity in Pigsty.

Kids in ECD take a balanced diet as their daily routine

Speaking in a previous campaign held in Rubavu Sector on stunting, Governor Francois Habitegeko, urged parents to make sure that their children get a balanced so that the issue may come to end.

According to current statistics by National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda conducted in 2015, Rubavu District stands at 46, 3% in stunting while in 2020, numbers drooped down by 6%, the district now is at 40, 2%. 

Beneficiaries of the program being taught how to prepare Kitchen garden which help families to find vegetables on their Food

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