Bugesera: Digging ditches has helped farmers to conserve their land and environment


Farmers from Musenyi sector in Bugesera district say that they understand the importance of digging ditches known as (imirwanyasuri) in order to consolidate their land and protect the environment, as they focus on this in interview with Rwandanews24.

The farmers said that before the excavation of the pest in their farm, they had a feeling that the area where the pest was planted had reduced the size of their land, but that attitude has changed and now they have become aware of it and their neighbors.

According to the Revised National Land Policy https://www.environment.gov.rw/fileadmin/user_upload/Moe/Publications/Policies/Revised_National_Land_Policy-Final_Version_2019.pdf on 22 page, says that the specific objective of land policy; in the perspective of the National Strategy for Transformation (NST-1), the overall objective of the national land policy is to strengthen land administration and management to ensure optimal allocation and use of land. Specifically, the policy shall address existing gaps or deficiencies in land use planning and mapping, land utilization by various sectors, and land administration and management.

The progressive terraces helped farmers to protect their land

The policy is further expected different objectives including ensure effective and efficient land utilization and management across various sectors such as agriculture, industry, forestry, livestock, human settlement, mining, and other public investment.

Alice Murekeyisoni is a farmer. An interview with Rwandanews24 said that her attitude towards erosion control in her farm has changed.

“Before I dug up the crop in my farm, I used to cultivate the rain-soaked crop that I could not harvest, but now I cultivate and get enough produce because there is no erosion takes my plants,” she said.

She added that they are part of an environmental conservation group that is being trained on pest control with the help of agricultural experts and environmentalists.

They plant trees on progressive terraces for livestock grass

“Environmental experts from Rwanda Environment Management (REMA) have explained to us that environmental protection programs include mining of pesticides as one of the strategies to protect them and that it is in the interest of taking good care of our land because when erosion affects it, it affects agriculture,” she said. “Once we understand that we have implemented it and we have seen the positive results, we are now mobilizing it for others.”

Diogène Habihirwe is also a farmer who participated in land management programs, and is one of the most exemplary farmers in Musenyi Cell for this program.

“Before the training on land management programs, I had the behaviors that it was a reduction because I saw the landowner taking a lot of time and reducing the size of the farm,” he said. But as I understand it, I found that it doesn’t take away the soil but helps keep it from erosion. ”

He goes on to say that the excavator is dug at 4 cm in altitude, 60 cm in depth and 60 cm in width.

Bugesera District Environmental Officer Eng. Emile Mukunzi says the community has come to understand the importance of digging pipes as it has increased their productivity.

“They used to cultivate their crops by erosion, but now they cultivate and harvest them with enough crop,” he said. We continue to campaign for the benefit of those who have not yet heard of it. ”

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