Rwandans urged to reduce air pollution – REMA

By Annonciata BYUKUSENGE

The Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) is urging Rwandans to take part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as part of REMA’s message during the Environmental Protection Week in preparation for the celebration of the World Environment Day will be celebrated on June 5th 2022.

Smoke from wood and charcoal is one of the world’s most polluting substances, but everyone needs to be involved in the protection of the environment, according to the theme of the World Environment Day.

In a seminar on environmental conservation in Huye district, which was attended by various researchers and experts in environment and climate change who also said that it was no longer possible for humans to participate in the use of greenhouse gases, the world would face serious consequences from climate change as the population increases.

Mr. Christian Gasaro is one of the persons participated in this seminar, who took part in the interview with Rwandanews24, said: The long-term solution is for Rwandans to use firewood’s to find fuel for the rural population, but there are also those who have the ability to use gas. “

He added that although in the cities the cooks use firewood, the number of cooks using charcoal is large and the coal emits carbon dioxide.

“As partners of the government we are studying the project that is nearing completion and I think it will be a lasting solution to climate change for Rwandans,” he said. At the end of the project, we will be working with REMA as it will help people to get information on climate change, to find cook stoves and to pay for them in installments. ”

Mr. Hitimana Frodouard is a Lecturer at the University of Rwanda. Focusing to emissions reductions, he said: “Apart from fumes, household waste also pollutes the air as it decomposes and raises pollutants, and in Rwanda we do not reach the level of producing all household waste. But we are happy with Rwanda State of Environment and if Rwandans follow the instructions of the various agencies we will find a lasting solution, even if it is not tomorrow. “

Mr. Mudakikwa Eric, Division Manager Environmental Analytics and Lake Kivu Monitoring at REMA, says that every Rwandan needs his or her role in environment conservation and climate change.

“We urge Rwandans to implement the instructions and policies given by the various agencies on environmental protection and climate change,” he said. It avoids soil damage, boils that do not emit air pollutants, pollutes the water we use, to breathe fresh air as we have one world to conserve.

About the air quality, the government’s continued efforts to tackle air pollution include the adaptation of laws and regulations such as the 2016 air quality law, which sets the framework for the regulation and prevention of air pollution in Rwanda and mandate REMA to regulate air quality in order to improve the health and wee-being of its population.

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